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Table Gatherings

We get together on the 3rd Saturday of the month for our table gatherings.  We meet at a member’s home and share food.  We study the book of Luke in the Bible, because Luke is particularly interested in those who were considered outcasts in Jesus' time.  We find affinity with these groups because many of us are also marginalized.  Some of us are queer, trans, alcoholics, and addicts.  We suffer mental illness, cognitive disabilities, and are "othered" in additional ways.  Also, most of us identify as spiritual refugees, having been told that we are wrong, sinful, or less than by the institutional church.  But rather than settle as victims, we find community with one another and transformation in our lives with the God who chose to hang out with, and bring new life to, marginalized folks.

Emily Harvey, Littleton

"I didn't know The Lantern would impact or change my life until one morning I found myself having a real conversation with Jesus .... I didn't realize how hurt I felt from my previous experiences, and The Lantern has offered an opportunity to heal." 
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